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Liner Solution™ Trailer or RV Floor Coating
  • Tan with accent color
  • Grey with accent color

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How thick is Liner Solution™ RV Floor Kit?

Since it is 100% solids, Liner Solution™ RV Floor Kit polyurea material should be rolled on at a rate no greater than 10 mils per coat. Two coats are recommended. Multiple coats can be applied if greater thickness is desired.

Is that thick enough for long term service?

Since it is 100% solids and contains no solvents or water, the Liner Solution™ RV Floor Kit polyurea material is able to bond tighter together without having to allow spaces between the molecules to allow for the evaporation of the water of solvent. This provides a very tough and simply superior coating system. If the service environment is particularly aggressive, additional material may be applied in 10 mil coats.

Are there solvents in Liner Solution™ RV Floor Kit?

There are NO solvents, NO CFC’s, and Zero VOC’s, so the material is environmental friendly and safer to install than other available materials.

Are there other Liner Solution™ RV Floor Kit color options?

Yes, Liner Solution™ RV Floor Kit comes in a almond/tan base color or a grey base color. The three (3) different colors of Floor Accent flakes that are included in the Kit allow for a virtually endless array of coating impressions. Since both the base coat colors and the topcoat are 100% aliphatic UV stable materials, the coating loses less than 5% of its gloss in a longer-than-five-year equivalent sun exposure test.

Is this RV Floor Kit repairable?

Yes, the Liner Solution™ RV Floor Kit coating system is designed to be both repairable and recoatable, if needed. It is the only repairable brush-on system on the market.

Can I get a textured finish?

Yes, you can add the Floor Texture aggregate that is included in the Kit or rubberized media to Liner Solution™ RV Floor Kit to create texture if you desire a slip resistant finish. It is customizable.